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Our Learning iCentres are centres of information, inquiry, innovation, immersion & instructional intervention which support connectivity and collaboration, critical engagement and creativity, construction and consolidation!!

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Visit SBPS My Library catalogue link via your student portal, at home or at school, to find out what resources are available and what books you have on loan.

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Click on "Login" in the top right corner of SBPS homepage

log in click select student portal from menu

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  Visit The Learning Technologies iCentre  to find specially selected links for our kids & staff or go directly to a select few of the pages below:


                       keyboard with stickers to assist touch typingsilver letters for typing and keyboarding

Avatars                           Creative fun online          Kindy online activities         Pirates & Piracy     

build your wildself avatar    letters FUN in red            letter K surrounded by ocean                      Ahoy Maties in a circle shape                   

      pie graph 1/2 red  1/2 blue    Hand showing movement choice         book cover why the ocean matters            WINDOWS 10 screenshot   

 Year 2 Maths Halves        Flip   Slide  Turn          Marine studies          WINDOWS 10

    A grey robot with 3 fingers on each of his hands  RobotsBe Kind to yourself sign     Be Kind 



                                                                                                                          tumblebooks icon  You will need to have a Coffs Harbour City Library

                                                                                                  membership number to access..  

Visit TumbleBooks Premium Library 

for further help.






Try the daily Wonder of the day from Wonderopolis or check out one of the many wonders available.   

Wonderopolis A place to visit to explore any area of interestDK Findout explore many different areas of interest